Laura Fatale


Welcome, Loser!

You’re in front of a well experienced money mistress. Yes, it’s true - actually I was the pioneer of the moneydom scene in Germany. I was one of the first women to capture the internet with selfie-clips.

There were several ZEROs crawling in the dust in front of my feet before; most of them are long forgotten (at least they left their traces on my bank account before!). I really don’t give a shit about people that think their lousy 20 Euro banknotes would thrill me in any way. IT. DOES. NOT! It disgusts me when someone tries to confront me with a wishlist when we’re online via cam - that’s the moment I immediately turn my camera off. I do not depend on this job - I only do it for fun, which means that I’m doing it ONLY MY WAY!

(Becoming acquainted with each other is included.)

So you’re longing for getting in touch with me? Bravo, then you’re in the right place right now!

The first step on your downward path towards me, Miss Laura Fatale, is quite easy: A simple registration on this site, choose a password and that’s it! Now you’re even closer to me. But before success, the goddess demands sweat; you should think about some points before you’ll take the next step of texting me, your future Mistress:

1.Your abilities for writing letters or e-mails should surpass the boring three-words-a-sentence babble. Otherwise I’m not willing to waste my time for you.

2. Your curiosity to get to know me should be higher than your fetish, because I have NO interest in dick-controlled egocentrics

3. Your faible for me should directly stick with your readiness to make sacrifices, or should I ask you where you’ve failed at understanding the words „Money Mistress“?

4. Your ego should already be small and weak enough, so that taking my orders and the hurrying fulfilment of my wishes will be rather delight than a burden for you (a submissive soul will be carefully nourished, attended and complimented until it literally becomes a gold vein for me!).

Apropos gold vein: Gifts out of my wishlish or middle two-place voucher sums may do for some time to keep my interest in answering your e-mails alive for a while; but to share my precious time with you in front of a camera demands some financial potency from you - sums should be minimum three-place (as we both know, this may be the only potency you’ve got!).

Then, if everything else also fits according to the atmosphere, you can be sure that I’m not only taking my time to answer your mails, to produce a custom clip for you or to talk with you erotically via cam ; in time you’ll notice that I’m also interested to get to know my worshipper. It’s the only way to bring you further onto my path until you’ll reach the destination of your true fate. I’m curious about how you wanna make yourself unforgettable for me!

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