Laura Fatale
Laura Fatale
Written on 17.05.2017 at 17:25 by Laura Fatale

What meaning has the shooting of a clip for you personally?

That’s a question I often get asked.

First of all it means fun for me, because it’s the time when I can live the whole range of my creativity and give room for my preferred fetish looks. And all of the possibilities and the fun are quite infinite…

Second, I’m naturally perfectionist, which means that I’m only really satisfied when a clip fully comes up to my expectations.

Third, my clips are a way to communicate with all of my worshippers and everyone who wants to become one; it’s like a message in a bottle. And all of the fan mails are the seismograph for the tremors I’ve caused on the endless Fatale-Scale.

This curiosity about the effect is my biggest motivation and the most important reward for my work at once!

At the same time I’m learning from my worshippers - their feedback, YOUR crazy driven imagination leads me to some few ideas for new fireworks of fetish-erotics.

By looking back on my previous video career, I’m simply stunned about the path I’ve already walked and how much I’ve developed in the meantime. It’s said that new drink inside old bottles is no model for success, but a real connoisseur knows that the fully fermented product is pure delight for all senses, which can impress one over and over again. Especially when that one person’s on an adventure, which aim he doesn’t know yet!

Laura Fatale
Written on 17.05.2017 at 17:24 by Laura Fatale

Why „

There are chapters in life, especially in the life of a creative persdon, where one might think that previous things lost their taste, turned to routine and are not fulfilling anymore in any way. At that point, the search, the trial and the error start - until something harmonious comes out at last.

I was present on several clip sites; it was fun for some time until I’ve noticed that this is not what I really wanted because the administration of too much sites took too much of my time.

Time that I’d rather invest into the production of new clips and the communication with chosen woshippers, slaves and marionettes!

What makes my site so special? At last…

1.    there’s a site where we can be together, alone… undisturbed by awkward wannabe Mistresses;

2.    I’m in hold of a centralized contact point for mails of my worshippers, where the wheat gets separated from the chaff quickly and consequently;

3.    I can show all of the true colours and facettes of my work on a site that was programmed by pros;

4.    you can get every single clip I’ve ever produced without having to search for them on many different sites!

Come in and discover EVERYTHING that I’ve prepared for you!