Laura Fatale

Laura Fatale and her sadistic friends

Welcome, stranger.

Well, obviously I am no stranger to you: you’ve seen at least one picture of me, maybe you’ve snatched one or two vids too, and now you’re curious – or should I say fascinated? Otherwise you wouldn’t be here. But that’s quite a good chance for starting! There’s something more waiting for you behind your registration and your password – it’s the very own world of Miss Laura Fatale – my world of fetish, humiliation and pain. At last your needs will find their destination, which will induce a personal growth inside yourself – if you’re ready for it and as long as you keep opening up and giving in to the beauty and fascination. Maybe you’ll overcome the lowest level of a clip buyer very soon and end up courting my attention and competing for my praise with my other slaves, marionettes and devotees.

You should know that this site isn’t built for reasons of dependancy on small bucks - in no way! I’d rather lean back and rest on my laurels, because I was one of the first persons who built the early base for Moneyslavery in Germany. But still it thrills me, it makes my panties so fucking wet to draw men like moths to the flame… that game, that bears at least me as it’s winner, fascinates me each day from anew, just like it also fascinates you. That’s why I keep playing the game with increasing demand for commitment. Can you keep up with it?

My clips have fixed prices, but my real attention falls only towards „men“ who bother the most – with heart and soul, conscious and devotional to their fullest. Maybe you won’t have men’s traditional abilities (especially THAT one…), but though you should have enough will power and fantasy to convince me from all of your other abilities! It’s because a level-zero-person just deserves the same amount of my attention and interest - namely ZERO.

This could sound a bit challenging for you in the beginning, but we say „High standards only seem arrogant if you’re looking from the bottom up“ for reasons. If you’ll show good approaches, but’ll still have difficulties to keep up with my expectations, I assure you that I’ll have the right means and knowledge that will excite your will to reach the main goal in several ways!